Replacement Battery Only

We are often asked: "How much to just fit a new battery?"

A new battery may be all that is required, however...

What if the battery terminals are corroded?
What if the charging fuse or limiting resistor has blown?
What if the charging voltage is excessively high or low?
What if the system requires an engineer reset or reprogramming?
What if fitting a new battery doesn't solve the original problem?
What if the new battery is over / undercharged and fails within 3 months?

Just getting a price for a new battery may prove to be a false economy.....

So we won't quote to 'just fit a new battery'

Our advice...

Let us visit you on a 'No Fix - No Fee' basis:* (see alarm repairs page)
Typically £88 for the visit, plus, £24 for a battery (if required!) including a 12-month guarantee.