Parts & Additional Charges

Price 1 Typical charge to replace the item(s) associated with the reported fault(s) (+ the visit charge agreed over the phone)

Price 2 Approximate charge for an additional replacement items not associated with the reported fault(s).
The engineer will let you know the price before he carries out any additional work.


Item Description Price 1
Batteries (per device)
Rechargeable panel battery £24
Wireless sounder battery (standard capacity) £24
Wireless sounder battery (high capacity) £36
Premiere keypad batteries £12
Detector batteries £3
Wired Detectors
PIR - standard £28
PIR - quad - enhanced false alarm immunity £32
PIR - pet tolerant £32
Harsh environment dual-tec movement detector £57
Door/Window contact £6
Heavy duty contact £24
Roller shutter contact £30
Vibration/Shock detector £34
Vibration with contact £42
Panic button £18
Wired Control Equipment i.e. Accenta, Optima, Veritas
Panel (end-station) £100
Panel (on board keypad) £120
Panel PCB £60
Panel PCB (on board keypad) £80
LED Keypad £38
LCD keypad £58
AC transformer
Wired sounders
Internal sounder £60
External sounder, complete £125
External sounder (illuminated) £155
External sounder; piezo
External sounder:strobe
External sounder; tamper detection switch
Dummy Sounder £30
Wireless Premiere equipment
Keypad £135
PIR £75
D'tec £110
Contact £75
Vibration/shock £105
External sounder £130
Smoke detector £100
Panic button £90
Fob £50
Wireless Visonic Equipment
External sounder £130
Arming keypad £75
PIR £65
D'tec £110
Contact £65
Vibration/shock £75
External sounder £130
Smoke detector £95
Pendant panic button £75
Fob £30

Repairs and inspections:
We require immediate and unhindered access to all parts of the alarm system, otherwise, an additional charge equivalent to £40 per hour will apply.

Disconnection (if required) in lieu of a repair, we'll give a 25% discount off the quoted price.

Payment on completion is assumed.