Replacement parts & additional charges (Repairs)

Replacement parts charge

Typical charge to replace the item(s) associated with the reported fault(s) (+ the visit charge agreed over the phone)

Item Description £
Batteries (per battery)
Rechargeable SLA panel battery £24
NiCad Panel battery (visonic) £24
Visonic wireless sounder battery (standard capacity) £24
Visonic wireless sounder battery (high capacity) £36
CR123, CR2, 2450 £3
1.5v Alkaline (AAA, AA, C, D,) £1
1.5v Lithium / NiCad £3
12v 1/3N £1.50
Wired Detectors
PIR - standard £28
PIR - quad - enhanced false alarm immunity £32
PIR - pet tolerant £32
Harsh environment dual-tec movement detector £57
Door/Window contact £6
Heavy duty contact £24
Roller shutter contact £30
Vibration £34
Panic button £18
Smoke detector 9v £8
Smoke detector 12v £35
Wired Control Equipment i.e. Accenta, Optima, Veritas
Panel (end-station) £100
Panel (on board keypad) £120
Panel PCB £60
Panel PCB (on board keypad) £80
LED Keypad £38
LCD Keypad £58
AC transformer £18
Wired sounders
Internal sounder £18
External sounder, complete £73
External sounder (illuminated) £103
External sounder; piezo £18
External sounder:strobe £18
External sounder; tamper detection switch £8
Dummy Sounder £30
Wired Premiere equipment
Panel PCB 24 £105
Panel PCB 48 £165
LCD keypad (wired Premiere, green, non prox) £95
LCD keypad (wired Premiere, blue, with prox) £115
Smart Com (replacement) £135
PSU £39
Wireless Premiere equipment (inc. battery, if applicable)
Panel PCB 64W £105
Keypad £135
PIR £70
D'tec £130
Contact £75
Vibration £85
Vibration / contact £95
External sounder £130
Smoke detector £100
Panic button £90
Fob (Smart Key) £50
Wireless Visonic Equipment (inc. battery, if applicable)
External sounder £120
Panel £165
Arming keypad £70
PIR £55
Harsh environment D'tec £105
Contact £55
Vibration/shock £70
Smoke detector £90
Pendant panic button £75
Fob £30
GSM module (replacement) £120
IP comms module (replacement) £130

Additional faults/repairs

Additional replacement items not associated with the reported fault(s), will be subject to additional labour/installation/diagnostic charges. The engineer will let you know the price before he carries out any additional work.

Repairs and inspections:
We require immediate and unhindered access to all parts of the alarm system, otherwise, an additional charge equivalent to £40 per hour will apply.

Disconnection (if required) in lieu of a repair, we'll give a 25% discount off the quoted price.

Payment on completion is assumed.