Burglar Alarm Upgrades & Improvements

Is your sounder old and weathered? - Will it deter a burglar?

An old, weathered, rusty or discoloured external sounder gives burglars the impression that an alarm system is old, unreliable, unserviced and probably not used.

New external sounder supplied and fitted only £139

Dummy box, add £25

Is your old control panel unreliable or not working?

Most old control panels lack many of the anti-nuisance features found in modern systems. We can replace your panel at a fraction of the cost of a complete new system.

E.g. System service, new battery and replace:

Control panel £210
LED keypad & end-station PCB £225
LCD keypad & end-station PCB £235

Price includes professional installation and 12 month guarantee

Optional extras:

  • External sounder fitted at the same time, £60
  • Dummy sounder fitted at the same time, £25
  • GSM unit; TEXT alerts to your mobile, £159

Entire System Upgrade £325

We use the existing wiring and contacts and guarantee the entire installation for 12 months, we'll:

  • Replace control unit / keypad
  • Replace rechargeable battery
  • Replace external sounder
  • Replace up to 3 x PIR (movement detectors)
  • Supplied, fitted & guaranteed £325

Small LCD key-pad system, add £20
Wireless receiver compatibility, add £65

Additional replacement items:

  • PIR (movement detector), £24
  • Dummy sounder, £25
  • Internal sounder, £20
  • Panic button, £18
  • LED key-pad, £35
  • LCD key-pad, £55 - £85

GSM unit,TEXT alerts to your mobile, £159
Internal sounder, £55
Wireless PIR's or contacts, £65
Wireless key-pad, £110

Alarm Monitoring

Self monitor your own alarm via your mobile phone from only £159; A very popular, cost effective upgrade to virtually any alarm system.

  • No contract
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Instant 'Alarm Triggered' text alert to your mobile(s)
  • Supplied & fitted, normally £179
  • Save £20 (£159) if we're already onsite for a repair, upgrade or installation! click here for details

Payment Methods
Unless otherwise agreed, payment on completion is assumed . All quoted prices include a 20% immediate payment discount.
We accept: cash; cheque; debit card or immediate bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards

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