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We're a family run business based in Kingswinford. We cover Stourbridge, Brierley Hill, Dudley, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. We don't aim to be the cheapest CCTV installers but we do aim to provide exceptional service for a sensible price.

Fixed prices, no surprises.

We operate a 'Fixed Price policy' so there are no nasty surprises. We can usually do a remote google survey and advise over the phone, or...
Why not visit our Kingswinford showroom for a demonstration?
Just give us a call to arrange a convenient time - we'll make sure the kettle's on!

We are very much against companies that offer a 'call for a free quote' type service. A salesperson arrives at your home with an arsenal of tactics to get your order there and then, often pricing as high as they can.

Celebrating 40 years as a family run business. We cover Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Brierley Hill, Dudley, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

40 years! we must be doing something right. Are we still around because we don't try to be the cheapest? (cheap today invariably means expensive tomorrow).

Abbott's Security, celebrating 40 years in business

  • Infrared Night Vision cameras - crystal clear black and white images in total darkness
  • 24/7 Recording - total coverage and security for extra peace of mind
  • Neat professional installation - No sub-contractors
  • Remote View on your SmartPhone with NO monthly subscription
  • Audio is available on some systems, at additional charge.

High Definition Eyeball cameras

  • Colour in daylight
  • Infrared black and white images in total darkness
  • Armoured housing
  • 85-degree viewing angle
  • 2MP, 5MP or 8MP resolution

Colour all night add £40 per camera

Varifocal dome cameras (approx 25 - 100-degree viewing angle) are available at extra charge.

Night vision CCTV camera

High Definition Eyeball camera

CCTV remote view app (android and IOS)

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

[with no monthly subscription]

  • Remote view set-up with P2P app

Easily view (live and playback) your CCTV from anywhere in the world on your SmartPhone. or tablet (Android and iPhone

Connection to a suitable nearby router or broadband network point required.

CCTV Prices (including 20% VAT)...

Fully installed CCTV system

Cameras 2MP / 1080P HD Resolution 5MP Resolution 8MP / 4K Resolution
1 £485 £625 £835
2 £625 £815 £1055
3 £760 £1005 £1275
4 £895 £1195 £1495
5 £1095 £1495 £1835
6 £1225 £1665 £2055
7 £1355 £1835 £2275
8 £1485 £1995 £2495

Prices Include:
Professional installation. All power supplies, connectors, etc. 1TB hard drive, written guarantee & VAT.

Optional extras / upgrades at additional charge

Connection to an existing nearby TV or monitor, typically £30 - £60

Varifocal dome camera (approx 25 - 100-degree viewing angle) add £45 per camera (see below)

Colour all-night camera, add £40 per camera (see below)

Larger capacity storage, add £35 per TB

Vari-focal CCTV dome camera

Vari-focal dome camera

Varifocal dome cameras (approx 25 - 100-degree viewing angle), add £45 per camera

Perfect for viewing further away objects or narrow passageways.

24/7 Colour vision CCTV camera

Colour vision all night

Colour all-night camera, add £40 per camera.

Why not visit our showroom?
For FREE, NO-OBLIGATION face to face advice and a full demonstration. Just give us a call to arrange a convenient time - we'll make sure the kettle's on!

TV / Monitor
Prices do not include connection to a TV or monitor.

Although not crucial, a TV or monitor can sometimes prove very useful.
Connection to an existing TV or monitor within 5m of the recording equipment is typically £30 - £60
The engineer will discuss all the options beforehand.

Approximate recording times

Video is recorded on a continuous loop, the most recent footage will automatically over-write the oldest footage.
24/7 = 24/7 recording at 10 frames per second at maximum quality, using H.265 compression
Smart = 3 frames per second when no motion is detected then 10 frames per second when motion is detected.
All figures are approximations only.
The timings below are using a 1TB hard drive. Doubling the storage will double the recording times.

Cameras 2MP (1080P) 2MP (1080P) 5MP 5MP 8MP (4K) 8MP (4K)
24/7 Recording 24/7 Smart 24/7 Recording 24/7 Smart 24/7 Recording 24/7 Smart
1 85 days 510 days 35 days 205 days 21 days 126 days
2 42 days 255 days 18 days 103 days 11 days 66 days
3 31 days 156 days 12 days 70 days 7 days 42 days
4 21 days 127 days 9 days 52 days 6 days 36 days
5 17 days 102 days 7 days 42 days 5 days 30 days
6 14 days 84 days 6 days 35 days 4 days 24 days
7 12 days 72 days 5 days 30 days 3 days 18 days
8 11 days 66 days 5 days 26 days 2.5 days 16 days

No hidden extras - the price above is the price you'll pay

Payment Methods
All quoted prices assume immediate payment on completion.
You can pay by cash or debit/credit card. (or, bank transfer by prior arrangement)
We no longer accept cheques.
No upfront deposit required

For High Definition (HD) CCTV our preferred choice is Hikvision
Hikvision CCTV is the world's leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry's strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The company's complete product suite includes Smart IP cameras, HD analogue cameras, speed domes, NVRs, DVRs, video management software, access control and alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of markets that includes retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, government, and residential applications. Hikvision has a truly global presence with regional offices in nearly 20 locations around the world. Companies using Hikvision:
McDonalds; Burger King; Nando's; Specsavers; JD Sports;

Please note

  • Unless otherwise agreed, payment on completion is assumed.
  • Prices are based on our engineers having immediate unhindered access to all parts of the property.
  • Displayed prices are subject to survey and assume cameras are mounted on the main building with loft access directly above.
  • Audio recording is not included in the above prices. Audio is available on some systems, at additional charge.
  • SmartPhone App & tablet App compatibility: Android and IOS (Iphone) devices only.
  • We act on your instructions, we assume you have obtained any necessary permissions, permits or licences.
  • For advice on the Data Protection Act and the use of CCTV: Please visit ICO website.


  • Infrared night vision is grey-scale not colour.
  • Image clarity is affected by rain/snow/fog/moisture etc.
  • Cameras often attract insects and spiders.
  • Cameras are not designed to pick up number plates, especially in low light conditions.
  • Motion detection technology: it is important to note that this feature is not 100% reliable in all circumstances. Various factors such as lighting conditions, weather, movement speed, direction of movement, and object size can affect the accuracy of motion detection. As a result, there will be instances where motion is not detected, or false alerts occur.
  • Remote View App - These are developed and maintained by or on behalf of the equipment manufacturers. Abbott's have no control over performance, reliability or any future charges.

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★★★★★ Excellent and very professional

Excellent and very professional Arrived on time and they did a fantastic job! Very professional and courteous. Vacuumed round and tidied up before they left. I would highly recommend them. No hidden charges and I paid exactly what was quoted originally. Thanks again to both Geoff and Paul. Matt Evans

Areas covered:

Abbott's Security carry out HD home CCTV installations throughout Wolverhampton, Dudley and Stourbridge areas, including: Amblecote, Bilston, Blackheath, Cradley Heath, Halesowen, Hagley, Kidderminster, Kingswinford, Oldbury, Perton, Quarry Bank, Rowley Regis, Sedgley Tipton, Tividale, Wednesbury, Wednesfield, West Bromwich, Willenhall, Wombourne, and Wordsley. CCTV prices are displayed on our website.

  • Home CCTV installation
  • Infrared Night vision cameras, even in total darkness
  • HD1080P CCTV cameras, giving crystal clear images
  • Easy to use
  • SmartPhone remote viewing, with no monthly subscription

Phone 01384 661237 to book your free, no-obligation, CCTV demonstration at our Kingswinford showroom.