What are the common causes of false alarms

What are the common causes of false alarms?

  • Failing or failed back-up battery - often revealed during a power cut.
  • Weathered external sounder, component or connection failure caused by humidity and temperature extremes.
  • Entry route violation by the customer or entering by the wrong door.
  • Worn/damaged cable ran under the floor covering
  • Spiders webs in front of a movement detector
  • Small spiders inside a movement detector
  • Obstructed movement detectors
  • Drafts across movement detectors
  • Corrosion caused by dampness in contacts on external doors or windows
  • Poorly aligned door contacts
  • Poorly positioned movement detector
  • Panic buttons being knocked
  • Loose connection or fuse holder in the control panel
  • Overheating components in the control panel or power supply unit
  • Electrical interference on cabling
  • Radio interference on wireless systems
  • Alterations to the fabric of the building blocking radio signals