Wired Vs Wireless alarm systems

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Which is best a wired or wireless alarm system?

There are two options available for a reason - they both have their advantages and disadvantages:

The parts involved in a wireless burglar alarm system are usually more expensive, but the labour time required to install a system is considerably lower than a wired one. A wireless system is much quicker to install and causes less disruption to the home. So the winner is... wireless

Manufacturers, installers and insurers usually advise regular maintenance. That said, a wired system will often work for many years without any maintenance at all. However, a wireless system will definitely require regular battery replacement. So the winner is wired

Long term cost:
The ongoing cost of replacement batteries in wireless devices adds up in the long run. So the winner is probably wired

It is much easier quicker and cheaper to add, swap or relocate equipment on a wireless alarm system. Simply fit, program and test, without any of the disruption associated with a wired system. Hands down the winner is wireless

Wireless systems can occasionally suffer from signalling issues. Wired systems can suffer from electrical noise on the wiring and damaged wiring. It's a draw

When wireless systems entered the market in the mid-1980s they were expensive, unreliable, susceptible to radio interference and suffered from very poor battery life. Fast forward to the 21st century, nearly everything is wireless now, so reliability is no longer a real issue.

Conclusion...On paper it's a draw But, in practice, most of our customers choose wireless, probably because of:

  • Lower initial cost
  • Quicker installation and reduced disruption
  • Greater flexibility