How often should you service a burglar alarm

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How often should you service a burglar alarm? The million-dollar question!

Annually from an insurance and peace of mind point of view.

A regular service plan is advised or recommended by:

  • British and European standards
  • Alarm equipment manufacturers
  • Most professional installers
  • ACPO; National Police Policy
  • Many Insurance companies

So, we do generally advise an annual service for domestic burglar alarms. This is particularly important for wireless systems that will require regular battery changes. That said, many of our customers prefer to just wait until they have a problem.

A maintenance contract is compulsory with many installation companies, their installation contract is, in fact, an installation and maintenance contract.

What does a maintenance visit include?

A routine maintenance visit (routine service visit) is like an MOT for your car. It will typically involve a visual inspection followed by some checks and tests...